5 Biggest Food Trends 2022

There are several new food trends on the horizon that are predicted to shape the food industry in the coming years. In this article, we’ll take a look at Mushrooms, Plant-based foods, Streamlining menus, and Meal kits. These trends are sure to affect the future of your diet, and we can’t wait to see them all come to fruition. Keep reading to learn more.



It may not seem like a food trend but mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for meat and are quickly gaining popularity for their great taste and versatility. They are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates. They are especially beneficial to vegetarians because they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Additionally, mushrooms are rich in functional benefits and have anticancer properties.

Although the New York Times predicts mushrooms as the food trend of 2022, experts in food and retail note that there are several factors guiding their popularity. First, consumers’ increased willingness to try new foods will encourage retailers to offer more dishes featuring mushrooms. Second, the mushroom’s health benefits are a major factor in its popularity, and many consumers will begin to demand more mushrooms on their menus.


Meal kits

The recent pandemic that swept the United States has rekindled the popularity of meal kits, which have become more sophisticated and more delicious. There are many outlets, from food subscription boxes to enhanced online grocery shopping, that offer these meal kits, as well as the recipes themselves. Companies have partnered with chefs and recipe sites to create customized meal packages based on dietary needs. The next generation of meal kits will completely eliminate the need for cooking and clean-up.

The following five trends in food will make the next decade of food preparation easier than ever. Meal kits will become a major part of post-corona gastronomy and will be increasingly popular in the U.S., where vegetable-rich dishes are now popular with many consumers. The new gastronomic offerings will respond to this shift in food culture, which has fueled an increased number of people eating vegetarian diets. To be successful in the food industry, you need an unmistakable profile to make your customers want to order your products.


Streamlining menus

Streamlining menus are a common trend among restaurant chains that want to lower costs by making dishes more affordable. By simplifying kitchen processes and eliminating items that aren’t required, restaurants will be able to save on labor costs and reduce waste. As more people choose to eat at home, streamlining menus will give them the opportunity to be more creative. Among the other trends, chefs will focus on combining ingredients from different regions to create a new type of dish.

Innova research found that consumer preference for plant-based foods that mimic dairy, fish, and meat has changed, and consumers are now more interested in eating plant-based foods that stand on their own. Other trends predicted by KeHE include new categories fueled by technological innovations in food processing and delivery. Restaurants will continue to experiment with new ways to deliver their food. This will increase competition among the restaurant industry, forcing operators to explore new delivery methods and raise prices on delivery menus.


Plant-based foods

As a trend, plant-based foods are growing in popularity and are starting to make an impact on the food industry. The increasing popularity of these foods is attributed to the fact that they are more nutritious, taste better, and have more variety than conventionally produced food. Because of the increased demand, food manufacturers are rushing to meet this demand and are developing new products quickly. Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are already enjoying massive growth in partnership with fast food chains, restaurants, and global food manufacturers.

While plant-based items are currently confined to niche natural stores, they are quickly expanding to national chains. New plant-based items are making noise in Whole Foods, while brands like Barbecue and Hooray Foods are making waves at Sprouts. However, not all plant-based brands will make the transition to national chains. Some companies will remain focused on their core products and focus on the niche.


Robotic cooking

While many of the predictions for food trends in 2022 are related to the future of technology, robotics has relevance for the food industry right now. The food service industry is already experiencing labor shortages in both the front and back-of-the-house. With this in mind, robotics is a logical and necessary development. The future of food service will also include plant-based chicken.

In the future, robots will be common in restaurants. Automated cooking machines will replace human servers, enabling restaurants to offer a better and faster dining experience. Similarly, robotic technology will also lead to a trend called ghost kitchens, where restaurant kitchens are set up for delivery only and are not open to customers. The ghost kitchen industry is expected to grow to a trillion-dollar industry in the next decade.

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